To All The Turkey ASA Vets.          5/15/2017

 This year's 2017 ASA reunion in Gatlinburg is turning out to be one of most interesting yet. A lot of events are being planned and there will be plenty of ASA Turkey Vets to talk to and exchange old stories.

 To help in the planning of our reunion we are asking that you fill out the attached registration form, so that we may have a count and be suitably prepared. We are expecting a large turnout, and being ready for this many people does take pre-planning. So if you have any intentions of attending, please fill out the registration form and email it back, even if you aren't sending any registration money yet.

 The registration form is in Excel and can be filled out, then saved and sent back to Dean Lapp at .  If you have any questions on filling out the form you can call Dean at 330-289-1689. We are looking forward to hear from you.

 From Dean and Debbie Lapp

          Chuck and Helen Bergmann

Reunion Information

Registration Form