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  1. BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM:  Read the caveats below before selecting your USERNAME, PASSWORD, and before clicking on REGISTER.  Write down your USERNAME and PASSWORD before entering them in the form.  Save your written copy in a secure, accessible location.  Do NOT share your PASSWORD with others.
  2. IMPORTANT CAVEATS: The USERNAME you select is permanent -- it does not change.   Select a USERNAME that is both unique to you and easy to remember.  Your USERNAME can be any word or combination of letters, numbers and characters.  Your PASSWORD can change.  [If you lose or forget it, you can click on the "Lost your password" button when you LOG IN -- and a new temporary password will be emailed to you.]  Your PASSWORD can be any combination of letters, numbers and characters -- the longer and more complex the stronger.  MANDATORY: Your PASSWORD must have a combination of UPPER and lower-case letters and one or more numbers -- with at least 8 characters total.  Special characters (e.g. ^%$#@) may be used but are not required.
  3. AFTER YOU CLICK ON "Register" -- a personal profile form will appear.  You must complete all of the required fields (noted by an "*") and click on REGISTER.  NOTE: You will not be able to login immediately.   It may take a few days for one of the Website Administrators to change your status to a website registered Member.  When your status has been changed you will be able to login with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.  It's important that you save both.

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